3 Simple Steps to Repair Damaged Nails Effectively

nail care

Nail health is an imperative aspect of health and hygiene that should not be disregarded. One of the most prevalent beauty issues that people encounter worldwide is nail damage.  Numerous circumstances, including a diet lacking in sufficient nutrients, poor nail care, the use of harsh chemicals, or simple wear and tear, might contribute to damaged nails.In addition to being unpleasant, weak, peeling,...

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Why Getting Trained in Russian Manicure is a Smart Move in 2022?


After our recent outing to the Beautyworld Middle East show, we are sure of one thing. The world of beauty is getting hyper-creative, innovative, and highly competitive. To survive in this ever-changing mercurial world, you must stay relevant. And, as top-brand beauty products distributors in the UAE, we know that Russian manicure is one technique that is changing the world as we...

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Stock up on these Vegan Brands to Stay Relevant in the Beauty World

Vegan brands have dramatically altered the landscape of the beauty industry worldwide, as it is no longer the also-ran or the fringe category in the skincare and beauty industry. The rage for vegan brands has transformed it from being up-scale boutique product to becoming a supermarket staple.Vegan Beauty Driving the MarketAs leading salon equipment suppliers in UAE, we are privy to...

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