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How to Get Red Carpet-Ready Nails with Russian Manicure


Manicure appointments are the perfect excuse to not only unwind and relax but also to rejuvenate and refresh. It is a chance for you to give your nails the self-care they deserve. All nails are not made alike – they come in various shapes, lengths, sizes, and, most importantly, health. Regardless of how your nails are, they deserve the ultimate manicure treatment.

The latest Russian Manicure is the technique that most European women swear by. We, of course, don’t want to be left behind when it comes to giving our nails the picture-perfect appearance. Let’s quickly understand Russian Manicure and understand why this technique is becoming a rage.

Russian Manicure

A European approach, the Russian Manicure technique, involves using a tiny electronic file to clean the cuticles and remove the excess dead skin around the nail plate. This gives nails a neater, cleaner and more glossy appearance.

Since this technique demands much attention to detail and should be meticulously performed, it might take much longer than your regular manicure appointment. Additionally, it should also be performed by trained Russian manicurists only.

Why do People Love Russian Manicure?

People generally love any treatment that makes their nails look ready to feature as a show-stopper in a glossy magazine, and the Russian manicure technique is no exception. We will list down all the benefits of Russian Manicure here.

  • Your nails, after a Russian manicure, will look much cleaner and glossier when compared with traditional manicure techniques.
  • The nails appear more extended and healthier since the cuticle is pushed back and the excess dead skin is removed.
  • With the Russian Manicure, you will be applying nail polish on cleaner and naked nails, allowing the polish to last longer than usual.
  • Since this manicure technique involves using fine precisely-targeted e-files, the finish is cleaner and more refined.

Is Russian Manicure Safe?


Russian Manicure is a specialized technique that can be performed only by trained professionals with the right skill and the vigorous training. Other traditional methods of Manicure, which use nail clippers to cut the cuticles, can cause uneven results. And worse still, if the cuts are too deep into the cuticle, they can cause infection. An e-filer such as the one used in Russian Manicure can prevent infection, irritation, and deep cuts into the cuticles.

Should I get the Russian Manicure only from Trained professionals?

Compared to a traditional manicure technique, the Russian Manicure is much more dependent on the skills of the professional manicurists to handle the electronic file and undertake precise filing to avoid damage.

The tiny head electronic file can give the nail technician greater control in removing the dead skin, but it is also crucial to handle the e-file with greater care.

We provide extensive Russian manicure training to nail technicians so that their clients can enjoy perfect nails that are happy, healthy, and attractive. We provide vigorous training in two parts – theoretical and practical. The course will let students have a complete understanding of this technique, know to use the tools, and get hands-on experience in creating the perfect look for their customers.

Our Russian manicure training course is ideal for beginners, nail technicians, and experienced professionals trying to climb higher in the career ladder.