Perla Professional

Everyone wants perfect nails – the crowning glory of our fingers. And Perla Professional is the answer to all your happy and healthy nail needs. 


The story of Perla Professional began with a quest. A search for the perfect nails – healthy, shiny, and super-long. 


At Perla, we realized that even though there was a demand for exclusive nail filers and buffers, the market, unfortunately, did not have the right products that cater to customers’ specific needs. As a part of the CBS family, Perla was created as a dedicated Nail Division, bringing international quality nail files and buffers to the fingertips of our beautiful customers. 


Like our customers, we are always searching for absolutely perfect products because we know your nails deserve tender care and attention. Our shapers, filers, buffers, and more are made of the top-most-quality materials so that your nails are always photo-ready. 


With our innovation, dedication, and never-ending quest for the most sought-after products, we are confident that we will soon reign as the leader in the nail care industry. Being a professional brand, we believe in combining the best of expertise and experience to deliver excellence in all aspects of our business. 


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